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Welcome to Fountain of Holistic Wellness

Are you looking for products that
can improve your health and wellbeing?

Do you want to feel less tired and newly energized?

Do you want to add life to your years
instead of just adding years to your life?

Do you want to have radiant skin as you protect it
from free radicals and sun damage naturally?

It is our desire to support your efforts for a healthier life by providing you with a choice of those nutrients and detoxifying agents that we have found to be among the very best nature has to offer.

If you came to our Web site in search for holistic, organic, all natural products that are completely exempt of any chemical additives you came to the right place.

Many years of research stand behind these carefully chosen products that will help you add quality, vitality and renewed energy to your years.

If you have any questions concerning our products our team of naturopaths will be happy to assist you in English, German or Spanish.


Buy Modifilan for your Health



Certificate of registration No. 2,543,220
Issued by U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

The product, Modifilan, is the purest, most organic extract made from the brown seaweed Laminaria Japonica. This extract contains the life essential properties of fucodian, orgainic iodine, alginates and laminaria.

90 capsules 500mg each
PriceU.S. $ 29.95 US $ 23.95  Quantity:  

Order BioSuperfood for People
A Quantum Leap in Holistic Nutrition

BioSuperfood received the License to market from Health Canada
On April 18, 2007, Health Canada awarded each BioSuperfood formulas a NPN (Natural Product Number) which is a license to manufacture and sell natural products or dietary supplements.

The minister also accorded the right to use the following claim for each formula:

"A source of antioxidants for
maintenance of good health
Exclusive blend of micro-algae
for optimum cellular nutrition"
Krill oil

Source Naturals ArcticPure Krill Oil 500mg

Best source of Omega 3's, superior to any fish oils, rich in Astaxanthin, may help to maintain cholesterol and blood lipids at optimal levels.

120 Softgels
PriceU.S. $ 49.78 US $ 34.00  Quantity:  

Order BioPreparation for Animals

The BioPreparation (BP) product line is formulated with different nutritional value. The formulas are presented in capsules that are easy and practical to use. The capsules can be swallowed or opened to use the powder alone. Contains natural whole algae ingredients with over 5,000 nutrients.

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